Party walls

Whether you need to serve notice on  your neighbour, have received a notice, or think that you should have received a notice we can help with timely expert advice.

party wall


Since the Party Wall (etc.) Act 1996 came into force, Building Owner(s) in England and Wales have had a procedure to follow when building work involves a party wall or party fence wall, some excavations close to neighbouring buildings, and new walls at boundaries.

Party Wall Disputes can arise in all sorts of unexpected scenarios. By acting as Surveyor or Agreed Surveyor, we handle Party Wall works quickly so that your project is not further delayed – often by agreement and therefore without any “dispute” (and need for an award) at all.

The need to follow the procedure set out in the Party Wall (etc.) Act 1996 might arise from:

  • Cutting into a wall
  • Adding a damp proof course
  • Demolishing and rebuilding a party wall
  • Excavating near a party wall
    and more

Here’s some useful information regarding Party Walls (pdf)

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